READ MY LIPS - PMU Color Theory

$299.00 USD

The most thorough color theory class for LIP PMU

What you'll get:

  • Full Course with Certificate
  • In depth Content with Exercises
  • Modular and Final Exam's

This course will make you comfortable with choosing the right pigment for the right effect every time. 

What People Are Saying:

WOW..WOW..WOW. I'm totally blown away this lip color theory. I didn't expect how much I get to learn and how important color plays in PMU. I definitely can visual many disastrous mistakes and many unpleasant results that I could have made on clients if I have not taken this class. OMGosh!! Carla you have saved me from many falls already. And this class definite is my best sword yet!! It'll help me so much in getting the desired result deliver to clients. Thank you Carla for setting out to change the way PMU training should be. Be trained well with Color theory first before touching clients. I really enjoyed this online class and am so thankful for Carla that she puts this lip color theory class with all her experiences, knowledge, heart and soul. You can feel her soul and passion in this class. You are the rare kind of teacher; you teach quality not quantity. Thanks a million.


Carla, you are a PMU Goddess!! This course is mind is blown and I'm not even half way thought yet! Everyone who does lips NEEDS to take this Color Theory class... it is a total game changer for the PMU Industry! Thank you so much for the time you put in and sharing your knowledge! Truly an amazing accomplishment!!!


Carla you are such a vivacious communicator! You were born to be an online educator, keep it up!

Brow & Beauty Lounge

OMG! just completed my online course training with the lip master! absolutely incredible!! Sign up NOW!


kick butt voice is a strict teacher voice! Love it: already feel the vast info put forth in this course.


The Color Theory Course just blew my mind away!!! OMG I expected it to be informative but it was beyond my expectation!! I learned so, so much. Absolutely worth every penny!!! Thank you!


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