Every client is unique, so every liner should be too. Learn the relationship between the art of design and the science behind the technique. Understanding facial structures and choosing the perfect color is what makes this eyeliner course wildly necessary to add to your skillset.

The first of its kind PMU Eyeliner Course covers all the technical aspects of eyeliner execution in detail like never before seen in the industry. Our innovations are constantly pushing the boundaries of what is attainable in a result.

Our groundbreaking design technique is what keeps our chairs full, our clients talking, and the industry buzzing .

Follow our lead to your own Sculpted Liner.

This incredible course will not only teach you to design the perfect eyeliner technically for your client, but will teach you the intelligent approach to making your clients eyes pop, the difference between eyeliner and intelligent liner is Sculpted Liner

Sculpted Liner

An intelligent and magical approach to the application of PMU Eyeliner. Each eyeliner is meticulously crafted and executed to dramatically enhance your clients look. Hands down the best application for natural looking beauty and soft healed results. 

This is so much more than just your average or dramatically over done eyeliner. Every aspect of this technique is selected purposefully. Art backed by science with intention brings a whole new level to this game changing technique- bringing eyes to life like never before. 

My name is Carla Ricciardone. I teach things

- it's a passion of mine. I've been a teacher for over 2 decades. Doing something well and being able to translate that into a passable skill to others is an art in itself that I can proudly say, I am deeply passionate about. The success of my students means everything to me.

Welcome to my Sculpted Liner Course as part of the Sculpted Studios online continuing education platform.

Our Online Education platform has educated over 1000 students worldwide with rave reviews.

This course focuses on the intelligent execution of PMU Eyeliner.

In addition the lessons on understanding your tools, advanced techniques, in depth non brand specific color and pigment theory, photography, and more will only enhance your over all PMU artistry.

My courses are well know for their exclusive and in-depth content. Some of which includes: both basic and advanced theory, the science behind what we do, the why and the how, and live demo procedures exclusive to this course.

Let me share my signature technique and my work on PMU eyeliner as well as my tips, tricks and secrets with you.

In this one of a kind course, I will teach you everything I know about my signature eyeliner that has my three studios and in person academy booked solid with clients and packed full of students.





28 Chapters & 58 Lessons

Four (4) Full Live Demonstrations, shot in 4K for optimal visibility with live sound -no voice overs here!

Demo Case Studies with Before, After, & Healed Results

Anywhere Accessibility (mobile, tablet, and computer) 

50+ Never Before Seen Custom Graphics

24/7 365 day access


Online Courses are tutorial based self guided learning ONLY. There is no hands on element to this course.

If you feel you are better served by hands on learning or prefer guidance throughout a course we strongly encourage you to take this class in person, there is no comparison to in person education.

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